Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weigh In- 3/30

Last week went well, I think... Although, the scale didn't think so. Last week was officially the last week of Turbo Fire, so it was really light with the exercises and I did more yoga.

Here is what last week looked like:

Ran 2.17mi

Fire 45EZ

Fire 55EZ

Ran 2.28

Ran 2.03

Fire 45EZ


Food wise I didn't think I did all that bad either, except that pizza Saturday and a sweet roll Sunday. Frustrated, but ya know I am over it! I am working on a spreadsheet of the last few weeks and I am going to see just how much I need to eat and work out to reach the goals I want to achieve.

So here is my weight: 145.8 down .2 pounds from last week. BOOOOO. Oh well this week I am going to rock it!! By the way I signed up at the YMCA so I can get my swimming on!! I went today and ran on the treadmill and biked! It felt great!!

I hope that everyone has a great week!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness Friday 3/25

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weigh In 3/23

My running is slowly starting to improve I think. Since the weather was so beautiful a few days last week, I really took advantage of it and ran outside! The first day I couldn't quite make it a full round around the park, which is about a 1/4 mile with out having to slow down to a walk. By Friday though I made it around without stopping! It felt so great! This has been such a learning process because I have never ran before. I think I really need to get a heart rate monitor, so that I can see where I can push myself to go farther. I think I am really ready to step it up another level. I have really stepped it up with my food (that is until the weekend hits).

Now if I could only get some sleep!! For the last few weeks I have not been able to sleep all that well and I'm not sure why. My mom had some extra melatonin, so I am going to try that tonight.

As for the 100 Push-up Challenge I am doing good. I got a few days behind, but I took the 3 week test and I pumped out 26 like they were nothing!!
Oh, and by the way.... I finally broke down and bought a brand new bike!!! I will be picking it up later this week!! Will post pictures when I get it!

Here is what I did last week:

  • HIIT 25
  • Sculpt 30
  • Ran 1.38mi
  • Fire 45
  • HIIT 25
  • Tone 30
  • Ran 1.2mi

  • Fire 55 EZ
  • HIIT 25
  • Sculpt 30
  • Ran 2.14 mi
  • Rested
  • Fire 30
  • Core 20

Shredded .8 pounds!!!
Thigh- 21- Same
Hips- 35- Same
Waist- 34- -1 inch!
Arm- 11- Same

  • Don't let the weekend get me off track!
  • Try and get some sleep! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Monday, March 21, 2011


What is your healthy/weight loss pitfall? Mine, is the weekends and I have realized this! Weekends are a time that there is no set schedual with anything and things happen on their own accord. Like this last weekend. We ended up moving the rest of my grandmothers things out of the house and I ended up vacuming both the up and down stairs. My parents went and bought McDonalds for lunch. Then by the time we were done I was totally exausted and we ended up getting pizza for dinner.

I did wonderful all week with my food, that is until the weekend hits then it is caos.... Sunday though I do have to say I did somewhat better. I also went to church for the first time in a long time and I have to say I enjoyed it and needed to get back in there. I will be back next Sunday! At the begininning of the year something said to me that I need to go back to church and I really thought about it, but didn't know where to go. Last weekend a friend of ours invited us to their church and so we went(the girls and I, I cann't get JR in there yet).

I am still so in love with the app FatSecret! It is so easy to use and I have been tracking everything, the good, the bad and the ugly!

I will be weighing in later this week and will post then!  I hope that everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fitness Friday-3/18

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weigh In 3/17

I did very good last week, other than maybe for the weekend..... I found this really awesome app to help me track my calories. It's called Calorie Counter by Fat Secret. Here is some more info on that.

Anyways Saturday I had a Bridal Shower to go to and after us girls were going to go out as well. I did some really great planning with my food choices that day. I also planned that I was getting a spinach and chicken salad at the party. I was in at about 1200 calories for the day. After the Bridal Shower we went out to the bars and we all let loose. There were about 6 of us moms that never get to go out and have fun. So we danced like we never danced before, let me tell ya(or maybe it was just me). I think that any of the 5 or maybe 6 Alabama Slammers that I did consume, I burned off dancing. I danced almost non stop from 10-12:30. It was a great night! Then the hubby came to pick me up and we went home and played cards with another bunch of our friends. The only thing I regret is coming home and devouring 3 or 4 pieces of pizza. I was starving from all that dancing! We played Swap and I swear this one game lasted 2 hours! After that we danced some more and decided to call it a night at 5 in the morning. lol I have not done this in I don't know how long! We ended getting up at about 3 in the afternoon. Sunday was recovery day! Hubby and I sat and watched movies the rest of the day and the MIL dropped off the youngest. But, wow it was a great weekend!! 

I am still on the bike hunt! Only if I could get rid of this darn elliptical.... As for the 100 Push Up Challenge, arms are shaking just thinking about it! wow did it get intense on week 2!! I hope to get in more running this week, so far I keep getting interrupted and it gets so frustrating at times. I cannot wait until the weather gets nicer!

Here is what I did last week:
Tone 30
Ran 1.83 mi

Fire 45
Ran 1.89 mi

Sculpt 30

Fire 55 EZ
Ran/Walked 2.14 mi

Tone 30

Fire 30
Core 20


Weight: 146.8 
Shredded 1.4 pounds!!! 

Thigh- 21- Same
Hips- 35- Same
Waist- 35- Same
Arm- 11- Same

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fat Secret- Calorie Counter

For the last week or so I have really been hitting it hard on my food intake. I wasn't quite sure as to how many calories I should be eating. I started using My Fitness Pal. It's really great! I found out that I should be eating about 1400 calories a day.

I started using it and well didn't get very far with it because unfortunately they do not have an app available for a BlackBerry. So, I started logging on a check book register, until I discovered an app for my BlackBerry! It's called Fat Secret! This app is so awesome and I just love it! 

It has just about any kind of food you can imagine on it! If you cannot find a food then you can simply just add it in. This is a super easy to use tool to help you track your calories, exercise, weight, and it also has a food diary. You can even go to the site and track everything there as well. I was even surprised to find out that they even have an app for it on Facebook! 

It also keeps a calendar and tracks how many calories you have consumed for the week. It really helps me to stay on target with my goals. I have gone over a bit, but I think I am doing really good with it. This is one tool that I highly recommend to anyone! I give it 4 out of 5 stars!! The only thing that gets me is that you cannot track how much water you consume, but other than that I love this app!!

Here is what I ate today!!

total calories: 1435

This is some of what I ate 
This is exactly what I ate 

  medium Bananas
  1 serving Old Fashioned Oats

  8 medium Baby Carrots
  stalks medium Celery
  1 cup, seedless grapes
  2 servings Light Cucumber Ranch Reduced Fat Dressing
  1 serving Pink Salmon
  1 serving Romaine Lettuce
  1 serving Walnut Halves and Pieces
  cups Water

  1 serving Artisan Ovens Savory Herb with Rosemary & Basil FlatBread
  2 servings chicken tenderloins
  1/2 cup pieces or slices mushrooms 
  1 serving prego
  2 cups spinach

Snacks / Other6305.007.00-80 
  1 serving Pure Coconut Milk