Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weigh In 3/17

I did very good last week, other than maybe for the weekend..... I found this really awesome app to help me track my calories. It's called Calorie Counter by Fat Secret. Here is some more info on that.

Anyways Saturday I had a Bridal Shower to go to and after us girls were going to go out as well. I did some really great planning with my food choices that day. I also planned that I was getting a spinach and chicken salad at the party. I was in at about 1200 calories for the day. After the Bridal Shower we went out to the bars and we all let loose. There were about 6 of us moms that never get to go out and have fun. So we danced like we never danced before, let me tell ya(or maybe it was just me). I think that any of the 5 or maybe 6 Alabama Slammers that I did consume, I burned off dancing. I danced almost non stop from 10-12:30. It was a great night! Then the hubby came to pick me up and we went home and played cards with another bunch of our friends. The only thing I regret is coming home and devouring 3 or 4 pieces of pizza. I was starving from all that dancing! We played Swap and I swear this one game lasted 2 hours! After that we danced some more and decided to call it a night at 5 in the morning. lol I have not done this in I don't know how long! We ended getting up at about 3 in the afternoon. Sunday was recovery day! Hubby and I sat and watched movies the rest of the day and the MIL dropped off the youngest. But, wow it was a great weekend!! 

I am still on the bike hunt! Only if I could get rid of this darn elliptical.... As for the 100 Push Up Challenge, arms are shaking just thinking about it! wow did it get intense on week 2!! I hope to get in more running this week, so far I keep getting interrupted and it gets so frustrating at times. I cannot wait until the weather gets nicer!

Here is what I did last week:
Tone 30
Ran 1.83 mi

Fire 45
Ran 1.89 mi

Sculpt 30

Fire 55 EZ
Ran/Walked 2.14 mi

Tone 30

Fire 30
Core 20


Weight: 146.8 
Shredded 1.4 pounds!!! 

Thigh- 21- Same
Hips- 35- Same
Waist- 35- Same
Arm- 11- Same


Emily said...

Great loss!! You are working out like crazy!!

Adventures as a Small Town Mom said...

Good job!

Tami @ said...

Congrats on your success this week!

Brooke said...

excellent! :) the night out dancing sounds like so much fun!!