Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Late Mamavation Monday 11/30

It's been a crazy week for sure! Last Sunday JR's father texed him and told him that his step mom had just passed that morning. It wasn't a total shock, because she had been battling lung cancer for about 2 years. So, after much debate whether or not to take our oldest Joclyn out of school to drive for 7 hours to the funeral, we took the girls. I am glad that we did. It was a bit crazy with the two year old, but all in all it went good.

We left Monday evening, popped on the DVD players and got there about 1 am Tuesday. We ended up staying at JR's dads house. I met a lot of his family, but the bad part is it's only a very small portion of his family. His father had like 12-13 brothers and sisters! Joclyn ended up having a great time, she played with JR's younger brother that is about 12. His brother is the one that will be taking it the hardest, it was his mommy, his teacher.

Before we left we stopped to see JR's gram and his other aunts on his moms side of the family. They are a hoot! His aunt says "there are no more men left in this world, only males." Meaning MEN- would open doors for the women, help you around the house. MALES- go to work come home expect to be waited on hand and foot. JR was smart and stayed out of the conversation, but his older brother decided to interject. Needless to say it was a full blown battle between his gram and brother! Her whole life she was a stay at home mom that loved to watch kids and she still does. One day her husband came home from work and told her you don't do anything, but just sit around all day and watch TV. Well, she decided to take a 2-3 week vacation from everything and just do as he said! She just sat and watched TV all day, didn't do the dishes, laundry, cook, clean. She said her husband didn't know what to do! That is just how she is. She has never had a drivers licence, and has walks just about everywhere, or if it's a ways away she will take the bus. She is truly an amazing woman!

We headed home Wednesday evening and it took us forever to get out of Philadelphia! For some reason we never have trouble getting there, it's getting out! So, we didn't get home until a little after 2 on Thursday. I do have to say though it's a lot better to go at night that way the girls slept for most of the ride and weren't fighting. After a few hours of sleep we went to my moms for Thanksgiving dinner. It was great, although I probably ate more than what I should have.

Due to all the circumstances last week I hardly got any exercises in, so my goals for this week is to get back on track!

  • Get back on track
  • Drink tons of water

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you all!! I am getting TURBO FIRE for Christmas!!! I am so excited and can't wait to get it!! So, why don't you give the gift of fitness this holiday season!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's your New Years Resolution?

So what is your health and wellness New Years Resolution? Mine is to eat healthy and get back down to 125! Now that has been my overall goals since starting on this weight loss journey, and since July I have lost 20 pounds!! I feel like I am on fire and loving all the energy that I have.

Yes, this question is a little early, but why not start now to get ahead now instead of later! Start today, not tomorrow. Do something right now, for your over all health and wellness. Don't grab that cookie, grab an apple, banana or my favorite coco dusted almonds! If you don't exercise at all go for a 20 minute walk right now! If it's cold and rainy out like it is here right now walk around the house or up and down the stairs! Sweat is goood!!!

If you start now before the holidays, imagine how much farther ahead you will be! Now I am not saying not to avoid all the holiday parties. What you can do is watch what you eat! Eat tons of the veggies and not some of the other high calorie foods. Eat one desert not a whole plate full. I don't think of my self on a diet I think of it as healthy living. Eating things that are good for your body, I try to stay away from things that are processed, but it is very difficult sometimes.

So, take one step at a time in the right direction to be healthy, fit and active before the new year!! Do you really want to hold yourself accountable now and for a long time? Then sign up to be a Beachbody Coach like me! If you sign up now until the end of the year Beachbody is waiving the sign up fee!! You save $39.95!!!! Get fit with me!! For more info click here!! I would love to help you reach your goals!! It has become my passion!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mamavation Monday 11/15

Last week wasn't to bad. I wish I would have been able to get more exercises in and ate a little better, but I have a lot of other positives that happened last week!

  1. I tried on a pair of pants that I have not been able to get into in a long time!
  2. Coco dusted almonds are now my chocolate fix!
  3. I met Laura of @lkp24 in real life and she is just awesome!
  4. Started Christmas shopping Saturday & got most of the girls stuff.
  5. Had parent teacher conference & Joclyn is doing very well in school!
  6. I did yoga last night for the first time in 2 week!
  7. Took my blood pressure the other day and it was 111/77!!!!!! It hasn't been that low in like 5 years with out medication!!!
  8. I just overall feel like I am on fire, I have so much energy!
The only thing that I am not looking forward to is Thanksgiving....We will be going to two this year. One will be at my moms and the other will be at the in-laws on Saturday. My goal will be not to stuff myself!! That will be hard, but I can do it!!!(I think I can)

That means I have
LOST 2.6 Pounds!!


R Thigh- 21.5- Same
L Thigh- 21.5- Same
Hips- 36- Lost 1 inch
Waist- 35 Same
R Arm- 11- Same
L Arm- 11- Same

Last Week:

  • 36 minutes Tae Bo
  • 35 minutes Treadmill did 2.39 miles
  • 60 minutes P90X Shoulders & Arms
  • 43 minutes P90X Cardio
  • 15 minutes Treadmill .5 miles
  • 57 minutes P90X Core Symergistics
  • I can't remember what I did this day?
  • Used the Bender Ball that I won. It's challenging to say the least.
  • 36 Minutes Tae Bo
  • 16 Minutes Treadmill 1 mile
  • Started Christmas shopping, but walked about 3 miles doing it!
  • 36 Minutes Tae Bo
  • 53 Minutes Yoga
I know a few of you have asked be about P90X. I love it! I do have to say though, I would not recommend this to someone that is just starting out with exercising. It can be a very intense workout if you follow it to a T, if you don't already work out a lot you are just setting yourself up for failure. Slim In 6 though I would recommend for someone starting out. It starts you off with simple, but challenging exercises and the first DVD is only 25 minutes long.

  • Eat Healthy!
  • Continue working out!
I would like to give a BIG shout out to Scarlett of @MMScarlett for being SOTW!! You are doing so awesome!!!

This weeks Blogging Carnival is sponsored by Patricia Friberg!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mamavation Monday 11/8

Last week was a busy week for sure, so I didn't get in as many workouts as I would have liked. My nutrition was also not the greatest, but hey that's life sometimes. You can't have a perfect week every week.

On the really positive side I won a Cardio Coach Volume 3 a few weeks ago. I started using it last week at my moms on the treadmill. Let me tell ya, I never thought that I would love to jog/run, but I do!!! Now the treadmill doesn't go all that fast so it's more of a jog, but I am in LOVE!!!! As a kid I hated to run, I would always get side cramps and it just hurt so bad, so I never really got into it. With Cardio Coach it starts you off nice and easy and slowly works your way up to running. There were times when I was actually supposed to slow down, but I just kept on going because it just felt so good.

Short and sweet this week!
Weight: 154.8
Same as last week, but not really surprised.



R Thigh- 21.5 -Same
L Thigh- 21.5 -Same

Hips- 37 Same
Waist- 35 -Lost .5 inch
R Arm- 11 -lost .5 inch
L Arm- 11 -lost .5 inch


Last week:

  • 25 min. Slim In 6- Start It Up
  • 60 min. P90X Shoulders & Arms

  • 36 min. Tae Bo Cardio Circut 1
  • 20 min. Elliptical
  • 36 min. Yoga

  • Didn't have time to get anything in and felt like crap!

  • 36 min. Tae Bo Cardio Circut 1
  • 30 min. Walk/ Jog with Cardio Coach Volume 3
  • 5 min. Elliptical
  • 16 min. Ab Ripper X

  • 36 min. Tae bo Cardio Circuit 1
  • 40 min. (2 miles!!!) Walk/ Jog with Cardio Coach Volume 3
  • 58 min. P90X Legs & Back

  • Didn't have time to get anything in.

  • 36 min. Tae bo Cardio Circuit 1

Goal for this week:
  • Get back to eating healthier
  • Get in at least 2 exercises a day with one rest day
  • Keep up this awesome attitude that I have right now!!

And let me tell you I have a big Muffin Top! That is where most of my weight is I think and it has been the hardest to get rid of, but it is slowly getting smaller. I can't wait to see what Suzanne Bowen @suzannecbowen has to say about this little issue! She is the special guest this week on Mamavation TV!

I would also like to thank  Laila of @OnlyLaila for being SOTW!!! You go girl!!

Earth Footwear is also this weeks blogging carnival sponsor!! I have two pairs and I just love them!! I wear them every where I go!!
Have a great week everyone!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Monday, November 1, 2010

~Mamavation~ 11/1

Last week as I was reading other Mamavation posts, I vowed to myself that I would be 100% Positive with this weeks post. I think that mental thinking really helped me through the week! I didn't let any of the negatives get me down, I just kept looking up!

This week has been a week filled with good changes! I had said that I was going to really step up on my nutrition, and I did! I have always loved to bake, and just hated to cook! Well, I am really learning to like cooking! Two nights this week I made some really nummmy dinner! Baked halibut with sauteed fresh portabella mushrooms and onions. I was so in love with this! The one night I made tacos for the family with lean ground beef and I made the halibut for myself and put it in a Flat Out wrap just like tacos! I love fish, but the rest of the family isn't too fond of it though. I have also been filling up my plate with tons of veggies! Instead when I get that craving for chocolate I have been smacking on some almonds instead! When I go grocery shopping though I am gonna pick up the some of the coco covered ones!

I was also so excited that I found my oat meal that I used to love so much! Kashi GOLEAN Hot Cereal Creamy Truly Vanilla, I loved it when I first found it at Walmart, then I stopped getting it for awhile, mainly because they were always out of it. So, when I started back on this healthy journey I was on the look out for it, but could not find it anywhere! That is until last week I found it at Giant Eagle!!

I have been eyeing this one recipe for a few weeks now and Saturday I decided to go for it! Strawberry Pop Tarts with a whole wheat crust! In fact I have found a lot of really healthy kid friendly recipes over at Cheeky Kitchen!

Now that I have talked a bunch about food, how about the workouts that I did last week!! For the last few months, now that I think about it, I have really just been doing the same thing week after week! So, I changed it up a bit this week! I tried different cardio workouts and also did a strength training day. I also dusted off my moms old treadmill and when I mean old it's about 20 years old, but it still works! So instead of just sitting at my moms and not doing much of anything I have been jumping on that for awhile!

Ok I cannot contain my excitement any more!!!!

Weight: 154.8

Your know what that means?????


Can you believe that!!! I so needed to see that today and it has really got me so excited!!!!

  • R Thigh- 21.5 -Lost .5 inch
  • L Thigh- 21.5 -Lost .5 inch
  • Hips- 37 Same
  • Waist- 36.5 Lost .5 inch
  • R Arm- 11.5 -lost .5 inch
  • L Arm- 11.5 -lost .5 inch
Last week:

  • 25 Minutes Slim In 6- Start It Up
  • 20 Minutes Slim In 6- Burn It Up
  • 36 Minutes Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • -5 min Lunar Mediation
  • -20 min Shanti
  • -6 min Forward bends
  • -5min Shavasana 
  • 25 Minutes Elliptical
  • SparkPeople workout- 7 min Day 3 Bootcamp
  • 20 Minutes Elliptical
  • P90X Shoulders & Arms 
  • P90X Cardio
  • 25 Minute Treadmill
  • 5  Minutes Elliptical
  • 58 Minutes Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • -20 min. Fire
  • -20 min.Chakra Namaskar 
  • -7 min. Core
  • -6 min. Forward Bends
  • -5 min. Shavasana
  • P90X Cardio
  • 30 Minutes Cardio
  • 60 minutes Slim In 6- Burn It Up
  •  52 Minutes Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • -20 min. Fire
  • -20 min. Earth
  • -7 min. Core
  • -5 min. Shavasana
  • Rest- until the evening, I felt a late night craving set in and instead of indulging in it I did some jumping jacks and a few other exercises as I watched tv with JR. 

My Goals:
  • Keep up with all these new changes that I have made!
  • Keep up with my water

 This weeks Mamavation blogging carnival is sponsored by SUBWAY!!! They are so awesome! Instead of grabbing a pizza on the way home last week I stopped there to grab some dinner! So Subway also helped me to loose those pounds!! Oh, and Jared is running THIS Saturday!! Let Cheer him on!! GO JARED!!!!
And a huge shout out to Lorrie of @cuteangel79 for being SOTW!!! WAAAHHHOOO!!! You go sista!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!

Whole Wheat Crust with #MapTruvia

I recently came across a really great and healthy recipe over at Cheeky Kitchen, but I made a few modifications to her original recipe! This is a wonderful whole wheat crust that you can use for a lot of things! So far I have used it as a pie crust and Strawberry pop tarts!

This is doubled so if you would only like to make just one pie crust you will need to cut this in half.

2 cups Whole Wheat Flour
1 cup  White Flour
2 Tbs. Brown Rice Protein Powder
1 tsp. Truvia
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup cold butter
10 Tbs. Almond Milk

In a large bowl, stir together flours, protein powder, Truvia, & salt. Slice butter into pieces and add to dry mixture. Mix together with fork until blended the best you can get. Do not touch the dough with your hands, the butter needs to be as cold as possible. Pour in milk adding one tablespoon at a time. Fork the mixture together until the dough holds well. Quickly form into a ball and refrigerate until ready to use.

You also don't have to add in the protein powder. I just used it to make the pop tarts for a great morning snack for my girls.