Monday, November 15, 2010

Mamavation Monday 11/15

Last week wasn't to bad. I wish I would have been able to get more exercises in and ate a little better, but I have a lot of other positives that happened last week!

  1. I tried on a pair of pants that I have not been able to get into in a long time!
  2. Coco dusted almonds are now my chocolate fix!
  3. I met Laura of @lkp24 in real life and she is just awesome!
  4. Started Christmas shopping Saturday & got most of the girls stuff.
  5. Had parent teacher conference & Joclyn is doing very well in school!
  6. I did yoga last night for the first time in 2 week!
  7. Took my blood pressure the other day and it was 111/77!!!!!! It hasn't been that low in like 5 years with out medication!!!
  8. I just overall feel like I am on fire, I have so much energy!
The only thing that I am not looking forward to is Thanksgiving....We will be going to two this year. One will be at my moms and the other will be at the in-laws on Saturday. My goal will be not to stuff myself!! That will be hard, but I can do it!!!(I think I can)

That means I have
LOST 2.6 Pounds!!


R Thigh- 21.5- Same
L Thigh- 21.5- Same
Hips- 36- Lost 1 inch
Waist- 35 Same
R Arm- 11- Same
L Arm- 11- Same

Last Week:

  • 36 minutes Tae Bo
  • 35 minutes Treadmill did 2.39 miles
  • 60 minutes P90X Shoulders & Arms
  • 43 minutes P90X Cardio
  • 15 minutes Treadmill .5 miles
  • 57 minutes P90X Core Symergistics
  • I can't remember what I did this day?
  • Used the Bender Ball that I won. It's challenging to say the least.
  • 36 Minutes Tae Bo
  • 16 Minutes Treadmill 1 mile
  • Started Christmas shopping, but walked about 3 miles doing it!
  • 36 Minutes Tae Bo
  • 53 Minutes Yoga
I know a few of you have asked be about P90X. I love it! I do have to say though, I would not recommend this to someone that is just starting out with exercising. It can be a very intense workout if you follow it to a T, if you don't already work out a lot you are just setting yourself up for failure. Slim In 6 though I would recommend for someone starting out. It starts you off with simple, but challenging exercises and the first DVD is only 25 minutes long.

  • Eat Healthy!
  • Continue working out!
I would like to give a BIG shout out to Scarlett of @MMScarlett for being SOTW!! You are doing so awesome!!!

This weeks Blogging Carnival is sponsored by Patricia Friberg!

Have a great week everyone!!!


~Lori~ said...

Congrats on your loss! that is fantastic!!! Keep up the hard work girl!

mnmspecial said...

I think I am gonna try the almonds now, Thanks! I can't wait to get into an old pair of jeans, lol. You are rocking it! WooHoo for healthy habits and better health.

kia said...

You are on fire. I love the idea of starting a post w/ a list of positives. Your list has put a huge smile on my face... and yay yoga!

Anonymous said...

Coco Almonds sound DIVINE! you are doing so AWESOME! and your exercise routine is AMAZING!

Great job!

lorrie said...

awesome job on having a fantastic week hope that this week is just as great

lorrie said...

ps we are going to rock this challenge

Laura Kelly-Pifer said...

It was great to meet you too!!! Can't wait to talk to you later today. :)