Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's your New Years Resolution?

So what is your health and wellness New Years Resolution? Mine is to eat healthy and get back down to 125! Now that has been my overall goals since starting on this weight loss journey, and since July I have lost 20 pounds!! I feel like I am on fire and loving all the energy that I have.

Yes, this question is a little early, but why not start now to get ahead now instead of later! Start today, not tomorrow. Do something right now, for your over all health and wellness. Don't grab that cookie, grab an apple, banana or my favorite coco dusted almonds! If you don't exercise at all go for a 20 minute walk right now! If it's cold and rainy out like it is here right now walk around the house or up and down the stairs! Sweat is goood!!!

If you start now before the holidays, imagine how much farther ahead you will be! Now I am not saying not to avoid all the holiday parties. What you can do is watch what you eat! Eat tons of the veggies and not some of the other high calorie foods. Eat one desert not a whole plate full. I don't think of my self on a diet I think of it as healthy living. Eating things that are good for your body, I try to stay away from things that are processed, but it is very difficult sometimes.

So, take one step at a time in the right direction to be healthy, fit and active before the new year!! Do you really want to hold yourself accountable now and for a long time? Then sign up to be a Beachbody Coach like me! If you sign up now until the end of the year Beachbody is waiving the sign up fee!! You save $39.95!!!! Get fit with me!! For more info click here!! I would love to help you reach your goals!! It has become my passion!

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