Monday, November 8, 2010

Mamavation Monday 11/8

Last week was a busy week for sure, so I didn't get in as many workouts as I would have liked. My nutrition was also not the greatest, but hey that's life sometimes. You can't have a perfect week every week.

On the really positive side I won a Cardio Coach Volume 3 a few weeks ago. I started using it last week at my moms on the treadmill. Let me tell ya, I never thought that I would love to jog/run, but I do!!! Now the treadmill doesn't go all that fast so it's more of a jog, but I am in LOVE!!!! As a kid I hated to run, I would always get side cramps and it just hurt so bad, so I never really got into it. With Cardio Coach it starts you off nice and easy and slowly works your way up to running. There were times when I was actually supposed to slow down, but I just kept on going because it just felt so good.

Short and sweet this week!
Weight: 154.8
Same as last week, but not really surprised.



R Thigh- 21.5 -Same
L Thigh- 21.5 -Same

Hips- 37 Same
Waist- 35 -Lost .5 inch
R Arm- 11 -lost .5 inch
L Arm- 11 -lost .5 inch


Last week:

  • 25 min. Slim In 6- Start It Up
  • 60 min. P90X Shoulders & Arms

  • 36 min. Tae Bo Cardio Circut 1
  • 20 min. Elliptical
  • 36 min. Yoga

  • Didn't have time to get anything in and felt like crap!

  • 36 min. Tae Bo Cardio Circut 1
  • 30 min. Walk/ Jog with Cardio Coach Volume 3
  • 5 min. Elliptical
  • 16 min. Ab Ripper X

  • 36 min. Tae bo Cardio Circuit 1
  • 40 min. (2 miles!!!) Walk/ Jog with Cardio Coach Volume 3
  • 58 min. P90X Legs & Back

  • Didn't have time to get anything in.

  • 36 min. Tae bo Cardio Circuit 1

Goal for this week:
  • Get back to eating healthier
  • Get in at least 2 exercises a day with one rest day
  • Keep up this awesome attitude that I have right now!!

And let me tell you I have a big Muffin Top! That is where most of my weight is I think and it has been the hardest to get rid of, but it is slowly getting smaller. I can't wait to see what Suzanne Bowen @suzannecbowen has to say about this little issue! She is the special guest this week on Mamavation TV!

I would also like to thank  Laila of @OnlyLaila for being SOTW!!! You go girl!!

Earth Footwear is also this weeks blogging carnival sponsor!! I have two pairs and I just love them!! I wear them every where I go!!
Have a great week everyone!!!


Laura Kelly-Pifer said...

Great job on the running! It's something that I'd like to learn to do. I have it on my bucket list. You will have to me know how the cardio coach goes. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Wow great work on the running! I'd almost rather get a root canal.

I wish I was joking.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

LOL! MrsFatass...

Seriously though, I'm trying to 'become' a runner and still struggle with it. I'm hoping that as the lbs come off and there's less strain on the joints, that I'll find the joy I KNOW is hiding there...

I've heard that P90X is a killer - How is it working for you?

Steph-Fit Mom in Training said...

Wow, that's some fantastic workouts this week. How are you finding the P90X? You're making huge strides! Keep it up you're doing great!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Great job on the running!! I haven't heard of Cardio Coach, but it sounds like it's a good thing!

No, every week cannot be perfect. But every little baby step that we take toward better makes a difference. Keep up the great work!

Marie said...

Great job running! I love the fact that I have a new runner to talk to and keep me motivated. You are a workout warrior! Look at all the exercises you accomplish in a day! Keep that up and that muffin will be a thing of the past! Great job!

mnmspecial said...

I hated running as a kid too! I think because it was because I had too and was too public. I love to do it now, when I can do it alone. Great job!

Carrie said...

Great job. I've recently learned to enjoy running, too. It's starting to feel quite good. Have a great week.

Jessica said...

You are a superstar with the exercise! I have P90X, but have been afraid to try it. That guy scares me!!

kia said...

Have a great week Carrie. You are diligent with your health/fitness and I admire that. Good luck reaching your goals this week.

lorrie said...

awesome job on all you workouts great job on planning out your workouts i need to vary my workouts so far i just have stationary bike, dumbells and walking. kinda tough when the nearest gym is 20 min away and beyond my price range.

good luck with the goals