Monday, November 1, 2010

~Mamavation~ 11/1

Last week as I was reading other Mamavation posts, I vowed to myself that I would be 100% Positive with this weeks post. I think that mental thinking really helped me through the week! I didn't let any of the negatives get me down, I just kept looking up!

This week has been a week filled with good changes! I had said that I was going to really step up on my nutrition, and I did! I have always loved to bake, and just hated to cook! Well, I am really learning to like cooking! Two nights this week I made some really nummmy dinner! Baked halibut with sauteed fresh portabella mushrooms and onions. I was so in love with this! The one night I made tacos for the family with lean ground beef and I made the halibut for myself and put it in a Flat Out wrap just like tacos! I love fish, but the rest of the family isn't too fond of it though. I have also been filling up my plate with tons of veggies! Instead when I get that craving for chocolate I have been smacking on some almonds instead! When I go grocery shopping though I am gonna pick up the some of the coco covered ones!

I was also so excited that I found my oat meal that I used to love so much! Kashi GOLEAN Hot Cereal Creamy Truly Vanilla, I loved it when I first found it at Walmart, then I stopped getting it for awhile, mainly because they were always out of it. So, when I started back on this healthy journey I was on the look out for it, but could not find it anywhere! That is until last week I found it at Giant Eagle!!

I have been eyeing this one recipe for a few weeks now and Saturday I decided to go for it! Strawberry Pop Tarts with a whole wheat crust! In fact I have found a lot of really healthy kid friendly recipes over at Cheeky Kitchen!

Now that I have talked a bunch about food, how about the workouts that I did last week!! For the last few months, now that I think about it, I have really just been doing the same thing week after week! So, I changed it up a bit this week! I tried different cardio workouts and also did a strength training day. I also dusted off my moms old treadmill and when I mean old it's about 20 years old, but it still works! So instead of just sitting at my moms and not doing much of anything I have been jumping on that for awhile!

Ok I cannot contain my excitement any more!!!!

Weight: 154.8

Your know what that means?????


Can you believe that!!! I so needed to see that today and it has really got me so excited!!!!

  • R Thigh- 21.5 -Lost .5 inch
  • L Thigh- 21.5 -Lost .5 inch
  • Hips- 37 Same
  • Waist- 36.5 Lost .5 inch
  • R Arm- 11.5 -lost .5 inch
  • L Arm- 11.5 -lost .5 inch
Last week:

  • 25 Minutes Slim In 6- Start It Up
  • 20 Minutes Slim In 6- Burn It Up
  • 36 Minutes Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • -5 min Lunar Mediation
  • -20 min Shanti
  • -6 min Forward bends
  • -5min Shavasana 
  • 25 Minutes Elliptical
  • SparkPeople workout- 7 min Day 3 Bootcamp
  • 20 Minutes Elliptical
  • P90X Shoulders & Arms 
  • P90X Cardio
  • 25 Minute Treadmill
  • 5  Minutes Elliptical
  • 58 Minutes Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • -20 min. Fire
  • -20 min.Chakra Namaskar 
  • -7 min. Core
  • -6 min. Forward Bends
  • -5 min. Shavasana
  • P90X Cardio
  • 30 Minutes Cardio
  • 60 minutes Slim In 6- Burn It Up
  •  52 Minutes Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • -20 min. Fire
  • -20 min. Earth
  • -7 min. Core
  • -5 min. Shavasana
  • Rest- until the evening, I felt a late night craving set in and instead of indulging in it I did some jumping jacks and a few other exercises as I watched tv with JR. 

My Goals:
  • Keep up with all these new changes that I have made!
  • Keep up with my water

 This weeks Mamavation blogging carnival is sponsored by SUBWAY!!! They are so awesome! Instead of grabbing a pizza on the way home last week I stopped there to grab some dinner! So Subway also helped me to loose those pounds!! Oh, and Jared is running THIS Saturday!! Let Cheer him on!! GO JARED!!!!
And a huge shout out to Lorrie of @cuteangel79 for being SOTW!!! WAAAHHHOOO!!! You go sista!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!


~Lori~ said...

Doood! thats a awesome weight loss! Great job! You are doing fantastic!!!

Kimberly said...

Wow. Rock on girl! You are on FIRE! Way to go with the healthy cooking this week! I bought some mushrooms this week in an attempt to get more veggies into my diet! Way to go on the weight loss!

Rebecca B. said...

3.8 lbs! That's awesome girl!!

You're doing awesome with all your changes, I hope you can keep the momentum going!

mnmspecial said...

I am super excited for the suggestions you have of breakfast and kid friendly healthy site. Way to go on the weight loss! You rocked it! I was wondering how Slim in 6 is, but looks like it is working for you. Very excited to try that out too.

kia said...

Holy moly! Congrats on that mega loss. Great job. Keep up what you are doing because it is obviously working.

gretablau said...

That is so great!! Obviously the change in your workouts combined with watching what you eat and eating more veggies and whole foods is doing it! Also, it seems that your positive attitude HAS TO have something to do wth it.

You rocked it this week!!

elenka29 said...

Such a great weight loss! WOW for you!
Check the sugar on cereal - I love Kashi, but their Go Lean line is higher on sugar.
One more thing, can I come over to your house for dinner - everything sounds so yummy.

lorrie said...

great job on the workouts thats great keep up with the schedule sounds doable and the stuff your making sounds yummy.

congrats on the weight loss and have an awesome week

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm gonna Congratulate you on your Weight Loss but more so CONGRATS on hanging onto the positive vibes throughout the week!! That is AMAZING!

Keep it up - you are doing GREAT!