Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Monday, Already?!?!

All I can say is what a week it's been. It feels like it's never ending.... Well, mom had her back fusion last Tuesday and all went well. She is doing very well and moving as much as she can. I brought her home Friday afternoon. It was a long drive,(having to stop every 30 minutes or so, so that she could stand and get the pressure off her back) but we made it. I have pretty much been her little nurse helping her out as much as possible. She kept asking me "why didn't I get this done 15 years ago?" I told her that she more than likely would not have had the wonderful surgeon that she had do it. She said I was right about that.

My mom has been an RN for my whole life+. One night she was working in the ER and a gunshot victim came in and they had to literally drag this man out of a car. Well, needless to say that was the first time she really hurt her back. that was in 1986. Later that year she had her first back surgery and did not want to have another. She put this off as long as she possibly could. She put up with her pain and almost never said anything to me about how bad she was hurting. I want to stress something here.... Take care of your back!! Stop and think before you do something "In the moment" because it really could cost you. Mom yells at nurses all the time for not being careful and tells them that yes someday it will cost you if you are not careful. 

On a happy note I ate a bit better this week, but did not get in as much training as I would have liked. All in all though it was good. I try and keep reminding myself that I am fueling my body to perform at it's best. When processed junk enters it I perform like crap and that is also what happens when I do eat it! LOL This kind of thinking has really helped to curb those cravings and bad thoughts... 

I did not have another Apple Dumpling incident, but at Bible Study there was CHOCOLATE CAKE & CHOCOLATE MILK that was thrown in my hands! I did eat the cake, but did not touch the milk, because I know better than to put all that dairy into my body, when my body HATES IT! I might just bring in fruit salad or something HEALTHY at the next bible study, something other than JUNK!! 

So, I did not weigh in last week because I was so scared to after the Apple Dumpling incident, but I did today and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Weight 142.8
Down -1.8!!!


  • Ran 2.06 mi- 30 minutes

  • Upper 20
  • Lower 20
  • Abs 10
  • Swam 1000 yards- 30 min

  • Rest

  • Walk/Jog 2 mi in 40 min
  • Tone 30
  • Core 20
  • Swam 1200 Yards- 40 min
  • BRICK(Bike and then Run right after)
  • Biked 6 mi 21min
  • Ran 1 mi in 13 min

  • HIIT 30
  • Housework all day long!! I never stopped from 8am to 6pm!

  • Fire 60

Have a great week!

Remember take care of your body!! It is the only one you will have for the rest of your life! 


Farrah said...

Even if you didn't do all you wanted this week, you still did an excellent job! Woot Woot!!

MrsFatass said...

Well, cake happens. And so do dumplings. But you sound healthy about it AND posted a loss! So good for you!

Mad Hatter Mom said...

I have to go with the mindset that I can't cute out ALL the crap but let's face it. That crap tastes good! :) Plus, by making sure it not completely cut out I think it ensure that a binge won't happen. And no one feels better after a binge!

Keep it up! I got tired just looking at your week :)

That Bald Chick (formerly ladyvdzine) said...

You had a fantastic week. Congratulate yourself on your successes and aim for more!

kia said...

Best wishes to your mother in her recovery. I am glad things are going well considering she first hurt herself in 1986. Congrats on your loss. And YES bring something healthy, your group will thank you.