Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Late Monday Check In 4/11

Sorry for the late post.... it was bad this weekend!! Ashamed.... but I think I learned my lesson! At least I hope so. It all started Friday night, I got a Kashi Mediterranean pizza for me and a Digorno Pepperoni pizza with cookies for the rest of the house. I though I would be good and only have ONE cookie, but ONE cookie led to another and another and another and so on. 

Saturday for some reason I ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast. I did manage to have a Shakeology for lunch, because my church was having and Apple Dumpling thing and I didn't want to totally over do everything. We got there and well I had ONE Apple Dumpling, then my daughters only liked the ice cream, so there sat two perfectly good Apple Dumplings. I hate to waste things especially when money is really tight right now, so yes I ate another, but I did not eat three!! After church we headed out to our friends house to meet up with my husband JR. Oh, and we are now the proud owners of a four wheeler! Well, we went mudding!! And let me tell ya I had a blast!! Getting on that four wheeler and pounding through HUGE mud pits is just so much fun!! This was the first time we took both our daughters. Joclyn(oldest will be 7 on the 24th) had a blast! Bella(2) she did not like being dirty! We got home around 9 and everyone was starving!!! So, we ordered pizza........ Sunday wasn't too bad other than I finished off a bag of Doritos...
Yes, that is mud plastered all over my face. 

Monday, I spent almost the whole day paying for what I had done over the weekend.... I was almost glued to the toilet seat! My stomach felt to awful!! Well, that's behind me. I picked myself up and started fresh Monday and so far have been great today. 

I never fail at my exercises though, that's my true addiction..... And yes I will admit, I am addicted to Fitness!! If I don't get something in I feel like crap!! Will do an update on how the swimming is going later this week. So, here was my Tri training for last week!! 

  • Ran 2.02 mi- 23 minutes
  • Bike 4 mi- 18 min.

  • HIIT 30
  • Lower 20
  • Abs 10
  • Swam 400 yards- 30 min

  • Ran 2 mi 23min
  • Biked 12 mi 45min

  • Upper 20
  • HIIT 30
  • Swam 1200 Yards- 40 min
  • Ran 3.07 mi in 33:45min
  • Biked 3.38 mi 22min

  • Rest Day

  • Rest Day

I hope that everyone has a great week!!


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Oh, I am the same way with cookies! I *think* I can trust myself, but in reality I can't. It's okay, I know it needs to be this way until I shed another 70 lbs. It's not forever!

PS. We might be up in PA this summer to visit my mom - would totally love to meet up!

Tina said...

pizza and cookies...those are my weakness as well!! can't resist them, can we?
keep it up, you did work out alot, way more then me!!

kia said...

That sounds like a tough place to be in with the supporting your church and joining in, but then joining in and having apple dumpling and ice cream. Just a tough spot all around. I hope this week and weekend are going better with being derailed by less-than-healthy.