Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Weigh In 4/4

All I can say is ugh. I just feel so yucky today. I hope that what ever this is passes soon. The rest of the family seems to have what ever this is too. So everyone is a little slow and sluggish. Well, last week went really well. I ate well with the exception of Saturday evening.... A friend of mine got married, and well ya know how that goes with the Reception. I pigged out a bit, had 2 pieces of cake, about 20 or so jello shots, and 4 glasses of champagne. And shockingly I was not even close to being drunk. I couldn't quite figure that one out. We all had a wonderful time though. Sunday I really tried to make up for all the stuff that I ate and drank. I will keep it short and sweet this week.

Weight 144.6
Loss of 1.2!!!

  • Ran 2.38 mi

  • Biked 2 mi

  • Ran 2 mi 25min
  • Biked 2.91 mi 15min

  • HIIT 30
  • Lower 20
  • Abs 10
  • Week 4 Day 1 of the Push Up Challenge(Total of 101)
  • Ran 2.7 mi in 30min
  • Biked 4.14 mi 17min

  • Rest Day

  • Fire 60
  • Abs 10
  • Upper 20
As for the 100 Push Up Challenge, well I didn't get all the days in on Week 4 so I will be repeating it.

6 comments: said...

I love the 20 or so jello shots. That alone would make me sick! I'm like you, I can be good all week, but when something like a wedding or going out with friends comes up, I just let go and have fun.

Sara @ Saving For Someday said...

Wow, you motivate me to get out and get moving! As for the wedding reception, it's one moment not a lifetime.

Hope you're feeling better.

Visiting from Mamavation/Bookieboo.

Have a great week,

Anonymous said...

With all the hard work you've been putting in you deserved a free night. You're doing awesome! Keep up the great work!

Owen's Mom said...

Lol! Congrats on getting to enjoy yourself and losing. You deserve it. Hope you have another fabulous week!!!

kia said...

Yeah!! Congrats on the loss and enjoying life. I hope whatever crud you all have is leaving soon. It seems like there have been too many lingering illnesses this year.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Hoping you're feeling better! Great job on your fitness activities too!