Monday, February 14, 2011

Mamavation Monday 2/14

Happy Valentines Day!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day today!I don't have anything exciting going on today just another day. I might put on a teddy tonight for the hubby, but that's all I am saying!

Last week went good! I did do my Shakeology 3 day cleanse and it went great! I ended up loosing 1.6 pounds total. I also have my control back!

A few years ago my grandmother gave me her Weight Watchers booklet and I decided to dig it out of hiding last week. So, I started using it last week and was surprised that I am not quite eating enough during the day and thus would explain a lot of my hunger issues at night! I also spoke to my mom about my night time eating issue and she told me to knit. Thinking about that I also realized that before Christmas I never really had this issue. The reason being....I did yoga at night! I haven't been doing yoga for awhile, so I did do one session of it last week and am thinking of incorporating more in this week. And yes I think I may also start knitting again, just to keep me busy.

I did great with my exercises. Although I didn't get any running in last week I am going to get that in this week! Here is what I have planned for this week:


Fire 55

Fire 30
Sculpt 30

Fire 45

Fire 30
Tone 30

Fire 55


Core 20
Stretch 40

Have a great week everyone!!


kia said...

I hope your Valentine's Day went well too. Have a great week. Enjoy having your control back with that evening yoga.

Marie said...

I love the idea of keeping your hands busy with knitting to help control snacking! Great idea! I love yoga at night. It helps me relax and reflect back on the day. Have a great week!

lorrie said...

good luck with the yoga and have an awesome week you are going to do great i know it

Katie said...

Good luck with the yoga. It's something I keep thinking about adding in. I also love the idea of keeping your hands busy so they're not reaching for snacks. Brilliant!

Jessica said...

That's a great idea about knitting to keep your hands from snacking. I need to try that, I haven't knitted in a while!

Lena said...

I hope this week is going great for you - WTG on going back to the basics and figuring out what to do differently