Friday, December 3, 2010

P90X ONE on ONE Special!

Anyone who subscribes to the P90X ONE on ONE series (it's our only Home Direct workout program!) between December 2nd and January 2nd will receive their first DVD for just $0.01.* And seeing as how the average turn for a customer is roughly five months, that's some serious commission potential for you. So get the word out while the X is hot.
It's the perfect complement to P90X® and delivers a challenging new workout to your doorstep every month.

About the December Workout

"Even Tony was scared of this lineup. Get ready for moves that are just plain cruel like jack-in-the-box knee tucks. Or Think Drills that'll make you think twice about your coordination. This is plyo to the Nth degree. Let the sweating begin."

"Feed on a steady diet of plyo for an hour with (thankfully) a few iso moves thrown in for dessert. You'll be spinning, jumping, squatting, lunging, frog hopping and more. Work on your balance, vertical jump and just plain staying alive."

*Since this is a subscription, you'll be charged the full amount every month thereafter. You can cancel anytime to avoid future charges.

Want to learn more? Click HERE!

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