Friday, June 8, 2012


Even as a child I almost always went for the more healthier food options. Although some times I didn't. But I never, ever considered myself on a diet. Until I succumbed to the stereotype label of being on a diet recently...

I gave in to all the questions "are you on a diet?". And I said "yes I am." I now would like to clarify that.... "NO I AM NOT ON A DIET!" I just choose to eat REAL food that is healthy and good for my body. I have seen what unnatural processed food can do to my body and I am not letting myself get like that again. Processed junk not only helps you to gain weight, but also makes you feel like crap and lowers your energy levels. I learned a lot about that when I was training for my tri last year. Try eating at McDonalds and then the next day run a few miles. Let me tell ya, you will be like a slug!

For me and I know a lot of others out there as well, eating healthy is just our way of life, it's our lifestyle. With people asking me if I was on a diet really made me realize that our society has got to change!!! I know it won't change over night, but I truly hope I can help make a difference in people's lives.

Let me also say that, I am not perfect either. I do eat pizza and sometimes McDonalds. And yes I do have a sweet tooth, but that's where my Shakeology comes in!

So I Challenge you to swap out one of your "unnatural snacks" for a more healthier option like nuts, fruits, or veggies!!! Choose to live a healthy lifestyle!!

*I am no expert or claim to be. I am just stating my own experiences.

Carrie Symes is a Fitness Coach who strives to help others by giving hope and support to those that are dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether you are lacking physically, emotionally, financially, or nutritionally she is here to help you see REAL RESULTS!

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Kristin said...

I agree, people should stop questioning healthy eating habits + praise others for doing it. Good luck in your lifestyle!