Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~The Luck of my Life~

So, what is luck? Winning the lottery? or maybe just by luck someone almost hit you head on, but at the last minute swerved? Luck, I believe comes in all different forms from simple everyday things, to life changing experiences. All in all though I do not believe it is luck at all. I believe that it is God's will. Things happen for a reason......

Take a good look back through your life, at all those lucky and not so lucky moments. Sometimes those unlucky moments can turn out to be very valuable. Right before my husband got laid off for the season, a deer decided to jump out in front of him while driving my Jeep. It did some pretty major damage, but it was still drivable. Knowing my husband, he wanted to fix the Jeep himself, since he is a Jack-of-all-Trades kinda guy(one of the many reasons I love him so much!). Hey, he can fix just about anything on a vehicle, put a roof on the house, and fix just about any electronic appliance. Anyways, he was going to fix the Jeep with the money we got from the insurance. 

About a week after hitting the deer my husband went down to light the furnace. The furnace then proceeded to shoot flames out the side of it. In all reality we were very lucky that it was not worse than what it was, I mean the whole house could have went up in flames, along with my husband.... So, we needed a new furnace and didn't have the money to buy one, or so we thought... 

After JR did some math and parts calling, he could fix the Jeep a lot cheaper than what we had gotten the estimate for. So, as soon as we got that check, JR went and ordered all the parts for the Jeep. As it also happens my dad works for a fuel company that delivers fuel oil and propane. My father does not take his company insurance, because they use my moms, so they take the money that they would use for the insurance and put it into an account that they can use to buy heaters and other similar things. So, they ended up purchasing the furnace for us and we used the insurance money to buy all the new duct work. The duct work in this house was all backwards from the way it was supposed to be, so we also had to rip that out and let me tell ya that was so gross! There was about 50 years worth of dust in those duct works, it's no wonder we all got sick every winter! JR and his step father installed the furnace, so he had heat! After the furnace was installed he then went to work on the Jeep, and it was fixed! I am so truly lucky to have such a wonderful husband! 

November and December came and went, and our gas bill wasn't over $100! It is never like that! Normally our bills are anywhere from $150-250 in the winter. We kept thinking that the next month we were going to get slammed with a $500 bill, and it was going to be hard to pay it since JR is laid off. You know what, it didn't happen! We still are in shock as to how little gas we are now using. We can now keep our thermostat at 70 degrees and not have to turn it down to 65. Another lucky thing is that none of us have really been sick this year(besides last week and that I know was due to my daughters school). I know that it is due to our brand new ductwork! 

Sometimes those unlucky mishaps can somehow transform themselves into those lucky situations. Truthfully, that is the story of my life.... I always end up doing things backwards or something unlucky gets thrown in my path. In the end it always works out for the best and sometimes really lucky things happen!! What is one really unlucky thing that happened to you, but turned out to be a lucky situation? 

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