Thursday, January 6, 2011

Turbo Fire- Day 4

So far I am in day 4 of Turbo Fire and I am totally loving it!! It's so fun and up beat, with really great music that you just want to get down and jam too! Chalene is so awesome, she really keeps you going.

My favorite so far is the HIIT 15 Class! For about 30 seconds you go as hard as you can with jumps and all sorts of crazy moves that gets your heart rate up in a hurry! The good part is that once those 30 seconds are up, you get another 30 seconds to catch your breath and let me tell ya you will need it!

The only problem that I have had so far is my feet! my shoes are killing me! I have New Balance runners and they are great for just about everything, except for Turbo Fire. What kind of shoes do you wear for your workouts?

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