Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~Aurorae~ Review & Giveaway

In order to start practicing yoga, you really need a great mat. Aurorae Yoga has the perfect mat for your practice. When I first started practicing I did not have a mat and it was a bit uncomfortable at times with some asanas. A yoga mat also helps you to maintain proper alignment as well as helping you to keep your balance. The wonderful people at Aurorae Yoga were kind enough to send me one of their mats as well as Slip Free Rosin Bag & a Sport Sweat Towel for review.

I received a Violet mat which means Spiritual, Soothing, Calming, Telpathic, Healing, Relief & Meditative. I have always been one to believe in color meanings. So this mat was perfect for what I wanted to achieve while practicing yoga. Aurorae has a variety of different colors to choose from to achieve your ultimate yoga experience.

The mat is extra long so you can you have ample amount of room for movement. Even when laying in Shavasana the mat is long enough to accommodate the length of my 5'4" body. I have the original hardwood floors in my house and they can be a bit hard on the joints at times, but with this Aurorae mat being 1/4" thick it has been a life saver on my joints. It's even very comfortable just to lay on it. My two girls love to try and do yoga poses with me on the mat. In fact the youngest(2) sometimes likes to kick me off my mat just so she can do it herself, its to cute.  Yoga is not the only practice that you can use your mat for, in fact I have also been using it for floor exercising as well! Since receiving my mat I have used it just about everyday and it has been holding up strong!

The Slip Free Rosin Bag is somewhat essential in order to keep your hands from slipping. The first time that I used my mat I set my Rosin Bag and Sport Sweat Towel next to my mat just in case I might need them. My hands got a bit sweaty so I wiped them off with my Towel, went to reach for my Rosin Bag, and it was gone... I looked around my mat, and the Rosin bag was not to be found. Then I heard my dog chewing on something. I went to investigate and sure enough he was chewing on it! I snatched the Rosin Bag up expecting there to be holes all over, but to my surprise it was just a bit wet and nothing else! The Rosin bag did dry out and was as good as new. Now I lightly pat my mat and hands with the Rosin Bag before I begin my practice. The Sport Sweat Towel has also been very handy to have! Often when doing different Vinyasa flows I tend to perspire a lot, so having this towel close by my mat is a must! It is also the perfect length to just drape around the neck to absorb the perspiration even when I am on my elliptical!

Aurorae Yoga is such a wonderful company!
We cannot stress how important each of our customers are to us and will do our best to meet or exceed your trust and support. To prove this, we were awarded an Amazon Top seller 2009 certificate for providing exceptional shopping experiences for our customers (in other words, A+.)
Aurorae yoga offers extra long and thick yoga mats, as well as yoga bags and yoga accessories such as their Slip Free Rosin Bag, Sport Sweat Towel, Yoga Bag “The Mat Sak,” Yoga Strap, Yoga Block & Yoga Mat Wash. Visit auroraeyoga.com for detailed product descriptions.

Buy It!

You can purchase your very own Aurorae yoga Mat for $34.95.  You can also purchase the Slip Free Package (Yoga Slip Free Rosin Bag with Sport Sweat Towel) for $14.95.

Win It!

Aurorae is so generous that they are offering one lucky winner a basic mat in the color of your choice and a Slip Free Rosin Bag!

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