Monday, September 6, 2010

~Weekly Check In~

This week was pretty busy. My oldest daughter started 1st grade Wednesday. She and I were both excited for her to go back. She likes her teacher so far, I just hope that it stays that way.

After my mom spent almost all last weekend at my grandmothers house, she decided that it was time to move her into her house. So I spent most of the time at my grams packing her up to move in with my mom. Gram has been doing pretty good. Although she didn't quite want to give up her house, but it's time. She has lived alone for about 30 or more years with no family near her. Then about 3 years ago she realized that she was going to need more help and decided to make a BIG move from Arizona to Pennsylvania.

I had a good week though, even though it was busy. I am going to try and get on a fitness schedule, just so I can get into some kind of a routine and STICK TO IT! Although I have been doing really good with working out I think that I will just feel more stable with a schedule. I won a Slim in 6® with Debbie Siebers at Freaking Fitness and got it Monday, so I will be incorporating this into my schedule.

Here is my plan:

Monday-AM-At least 15 minutes Elliptical; PM- Yoga
Tuesday- AM-At least 15 minutes Elliptical; Afternoon- Slim in 6- Start It Up & Slim & 6-Pack
Wednesday- AM-At least 15 minutes Elliptical; Afternoon-Slim in 6- Start It Up; PM- Yoga
Thursday- AM-At least 15 minutes Elliptical; Afternoon-Slim in 6- Start It Up & Slim & 6-Pack
Friday- AM-At least 15 minutes Elliptical; Afternoon-Slim in 6- Start It Up; 30 minutes Elliptical
Saturday- Whatever I can fit in , more than likely though a day of rest and stretching
Sunday- Whatever I can fit in, more than likely though a day of rest and stretching

Friday afternoon I was so excited to see the FedEx man!!! Guess what I got? I got my Earth Footwear!!!!! OMG I still can't believe I won them!! I got the Integrate ones! As soon as I put them on and started walking, wow I could already feel the burn!! It took me a but to adjust to them, probably due to the fact that I have a tendency to step with my toes first and not my heal, due to many years of ballet. I have been wearing them all around the house and when I go out to the store or where ever! They are so awesome!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EARTH FOOTWEAR!!!
Some people might think that I was BAD this week, I had ICE CREAM 2 days this week. But you know what I don't feel guilty about it one bit! And the reason for that is I only had about a scoop and a half. Now before I would have had an entire bowl! So no regrets! I did eat better than I did last week. I drank lots of water, but some days I probably could have drank more.

This week my weight is 164.4!!

I lost .4 pounds!!

Waist- 39 same

Hips- 39 same
Right Thigh- 23 same
Left Thigh- 23 same
Right Arm- 12.5 same
Left Arm- 12.5 same

Here was my week:

Monday- 30 minutes Elliptical
Tuesday- Slim in 6- Start It Up & #Tworkout
Wednesday- 30 minutes Elliptical
Thursday- Took a day off
Friday- Slim in 6- Start It Up & Slim & 6-Pack
Saturday- Wore my Earth Footwear shoes all day! They rock!
Sunday- Slim in 6- Start It Up, Slim & 6-Pack,  & 10 minutes Elliptical

  • Exercise more
  • Keep drinking lots of water
  • Keep eating better
  • Work on meal planning
  • Keep exercising more!!

I also want to congratulate @Gretablau for being the Sista of the Week!

Chefs Requsted is the sponsor of this week's Mamavation blogging carnival!!


~Lori~ said...

Congrats on the loss! A small loss i still just as great!

I enjoy my earthfootwear so I know you will too! Great goals this week!

Stephanie said...

Yay on getting your Earth Foodwear! You'll love them more and more every day!
Good luck with your goals for this week :)

Stephen and Amanda O'Dair blog said...

yeah for new shoes that help you look wonderful!

Stephen and Amanda O'Dair blog said...

yeah for new shoes that help you look wonderful!

Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader said...

Cool shoes - me likey! That is one busy week you have planned - great job!

Meg O. said...

I'm pretty motivated just looking at this post! GO YOU!!!!! Congrats on the weight loss, even if it is just .4 pounds! (It's totally worth celebrating bc of how much you're working out!)

gretablau said...

Thank you for the congrats. You're doing so well!! Keeping it moving!

I think eating a little bit of ice cream is great if you can do it!

You're a lucky lady with all of the contest wins. Love the blog name Freaking Fitness! Going to check it out.

Make sure you take off days with fitness. at least one.

Momma On The Run said...

Congrats on your loss! I love my Earth shoes I'm sure you will too!! Good luck this week with your goals!

Ps. I love the jeans on your blog! Looks so cute!

bookieboo said...

HA! You ate ice cream twice this week and you still lost. I'm glad you love your shoes! XXOO

The Maniacal Matron - @MMScarlett said...

I LOVE my earthfootwear. I bought a pair of exerfits for my birthday and won the pare of Intergate ones. I haven't worn my Intergate ones yet, but they go with a pair of pants I recently bought!

Have a great week

Ivette said...

Congrats on the weight loss and the new Earthwear shoes :)

Hope you have a good week!

@PamelaMKramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Whoot! insert --->happy dance here<---