Monday, August 2, 2010

Mamavation Monday- 8/2

Well, this week has been a pretty good week! I've stayed active almost every day this week, drank tons of water every day, and ate healthier foods. My coffee pot broke Tuesday so I have been doing the old boil n brew method. Needless to say I have been drinking less coffee and have been dealing with headaches due to less caffeine, but I don't think I am gonna get another coffee pot, because I drank to much when I had it.

Here was my week:
  • Monday- Walked to the Park and walked/ran around it 3 times(Just found out that it is a 1/2 mile! so I went 1.5 miles around the park + the walk there & back!)
  • Tuesday- I was not in the best of spirits so I took a day of, but still ate and drank good.
  • Wednesday- Cleaned my house from top to bottom, took just about all day.
  • Thursday- Did 90 minutes of Yoga and felt great!
  • Friday- Was not as sore as I was after doing Yoga, like I was last week, waahooo!! I walked in the evening and took the dog. He was a great motivator, kept pulling me to go further, then towards the end I  had to keep pulling him so we could make it home.
  • Saturday- Walked to the park and went around 2 times(1 mile).
  • Sunday- Cleaned out my Jeep.
One of my Goal from last week was to start meal planning. I stated gather up recipes, trying to get ones that are healthy and that my family will eat. It's hard because I swear my husband is the pickiest man in the world. He is truly a meat and potatoes kinda guy. He hates seafood, rice, onions, and  anything spicy what so ever. I think that is one of the biggest reasons that I hate to cook. It's been somewhat of a challenge trying to find recipes that satisfy everyone, but I have found a few.

Here are my stats for this week:

(sorry the pic isn't the greatest and I couldn't get it to turn)

Waist- 40.5 A loss of 1.5 inches!!
Hips- 41
Right Thigh- 24.5
Left Thigh- 24.5
Right Arm- 13.5
Left Arm- 13.5

  • Keep drinking lots of water
  • Keep eating better
  • Work on meal planning
  • Keep exercising more
  • Comment on all Mamavation posts
I truly have to thank you all for being so supportive and caring! If it wasn't for Mamavation and the Sista's I would not have even come this far in the short amount of time that I have. You are all truly AMAZING and I love you all. I am not just saying this because of Leah's post I truly whole heatedly think that each and everyone of you are amazing and because of you I would not have lost it!

This week's blogging carnival is sponsored by Gruve Solution! I would so love to win this! You can also follow them on twitter @Gruvesolution.

I also want to send out a big Congrats to @RachelSteffen for being the Sista of the Week!! You Rock it Girl!



The Maniacal Matron - @MMScarlett said...

AWESOME on over 4 pounds!! You are amazing!

I too am having trouble with the lower caffeine thing. Maybe my coffee pot needs to break? haha This week, I'm down to 1 soda a day (or none if I can make it!) and I'm having 2 cups of coffee in the mornings to ward the headache away.

How long have the headaches lasted?

Kimberly said...

UMM, whaaat! That is a great loss, Congrats!! I have cut way back on coffee, but it has definitely meant more little aggravating headaches! Keep up the good work this week, can't wait to see next week's loss!

Marie said...

Woohooo! awesome week for you!! Sorry to hear about the headaches. The will get better the longer you go without caffeine. When I stopped drinking caffeine, I had horrible headaches. It does get better.

bookieboo said...

Daaaaaaang, what a weight loss! Good job this week. I love how you give us the low down on each day's activity. XXOO

~Lori~ said...

What a fantastic loss! Keep up the hard work you are doing fabulous!

Rachel said...

Woot!! Way to go!! Keep up the great work!! You are doing great!! Have a great week!!

Stephen and Amanda O'Dair blog said...

what a great job thsi week! I love love love meal planning eveyr month me and my hubby sit down and plan every meal out so no matter what we have to eat what we wrote donw it has not only saved money, but we both have lost weight with it! So I say do it!

Angela said...

Your loss is fantastic!! Walking the dog is good motivation! And picky family members are seriously frustrating. I face the same frustration. And cooking separate meals is so much easier said than done. Also a big woot woot for not being as sore after yoga! Keep on rockin it girl!

CJ @CJinKY said...

WOW! You are doing awesome! I'm glad that even on a day you felt yucky, you still ate well. Maybe the next time you have a bad day try going for a's still exercise, will change your scenery, and it always makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...

WHOAH! Great job this week!